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Only  $49.99  /month
Package per seat
Data storage: $11/GB/month
Data processing & tracking: $0.001/session/month
Handle content for thousands of deployed web pages, including multi-language versions
Effortlessly duplicate content from one page to another
Conduct efficient A/B testing on actual pages, surpassing VWO's capabilities
Analyze funnel flow to comprehend traffic patterns and optimize user experience
Monitor content theft and safeguard your valuable assets

Even more features and add-ons to supercharge CTRwow

Add split testing (including heatmaps): $300 for 10,000 non-unique visitor sessions

Choose your preferred hosting solution with CTRwow:

Self-Managed Hosting: Deploy CTRwow to your chosen host
Managed Hosting: Let CTRwow manage your content
Domains: $59/month (includes SSL, hosted zone/CDN capability)
Support: $140/month
Usage: $0.12/GB data transfer
Stay informed with the CTRwow Billing Widget, which displays all usage and cost details.

Upgrade to CTRwow with PayWow Lite

Only  $99.99  /month
Package per seat
All basic CTRwow features
Data storage: $11/GB/month
Per transaction fee: $0.35
Access to PayWow Lite
Data processing & tracking:
power features
Leverage browser fingerprinting to track customers, combat online fraud, and target your audience effectively.
Per transaction fee: $0.35 (includes payment and checkout interactions, customer service queries, tracking and logistics inquiries, email confirmations)
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